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Grade 5

Grade 5


Students learn about God with through close examination of the Eucharist and sacraments. Students explore parts of the Mass and  come to a basic understanding and appreciation of Christian worship. Celebrating liturgical season, students worship God through prayers and loving service.


Students expand their minds and think algebraically as they analyze patterns and interpret expressions. Students continue adding and subtracting fractions as they find common denominators and extend their understanding of multiplying and dividing fractions. Students develop their measurements skills as they learn to convert measurements using the metric system. In geometry, students begin graphing points in quadrant I of a coordinate plane and classify quadrilaterals.


Emphasizing student writing based on novels read in class, students use a variety of literature to write opinion papers and develop evidence to support their ideas. In small groups, students make inferences and compare and contract characters from different novels. In addition to writing, students research different poets and find evidence of his/her influence in classic works. As a culminating project, all fifth graders participated in the Young Authors program and compose an original work of fiction.


Students broaden scientific inquiry and the scientific process to observe their environment, ask testable questions and conduct/analyze experiments.  Student explore the cycles and patterns of our solar system, interactions with ecosystems and discover the mystery of light, sound and motion.    

Social Studies

Students use quality informational content to further develop their critical thinking skills and become responsible decision makers. Students establish a connection with the past through learning about early western civilizations, world explorers and immigration. Also, students analyze the structure of the government and determine where they can intervene and help solve problems that plague our communities.