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Tuition Grades K-8

The purpose of this correspondence is to share with you the news that at the recent meeting of the Board of Directors, a revised set of tuition amounts was approved for the 2024-2025 school year. Those tuition amounts can be found in the table below. In communicating this information with you, Notre Dame Schools also re-affirms our desire to provide students with the very best Catholic education at a most cost-effective value for our families. 

Notre Dame Elementary and Middle School Tuition


2024-2025 Tuition









For Notre Dame Elementary Pre-School Tuition, please click HERE.

In making such decisions, the Board of Directors consistently balances its commitment to excellence and the highest standard of education with affordability. Notre Dame Schools embark on robust fundraising efforts to support the Annual Fund, Giving Day, and other endeavors to supplement the balance between the cost to educate our students and what is charged in tuition. Inflation, the rise in the costs of goods and services, and attracting the very best and brightest staff members to provide this education are the primary reasons for the increased tuition amounts.  

That Notre Dame provides such support is the direct result of the generosity of many individuals devoted to building a strong endowment and dedication by our Board to a financial aid budget that continues to grow each year. Thank you to the generosity of those who gainfully support this endowment, and who ultimately help to make assistance for those in need readily possible. 

Notre Dame Schools is dedicated to ensuring every student presently enrolled will remain enrolled for the 2024-2025 school year. We are so thankful and pleased with the participation of our families in the new EdChoice Scholarship opportunity available from the Ohio Department of Education. All K-12 students in Ohio now qualify to receive a state-funded scholarship that could cover a portion or, in some cases, the full-cost of their Catholic school tuition. All families who apply for the Notre Dame Tuition Assistance program are required to apply for the EdChoice Scholarship first. The EdChoice Scholarship amount will be taken into consideration when each family is reviewed based on need. 

Our Tuition Assistance Committee’s primary focus is to partner with you and to address concerns of any type. Please contact our Director of Admissions, Mrs. Barbara Williams, at 440-279-1129, who can guide you through the process of tuition assistance and to answer any questions. If you wish to apply for tuition assistance, the online FACTS Grant and Aid application must be completed by March 31, 2024.  

Please be advised that you will need to confirm your intent to return for the 2024-2025 school year. Please complete the linked Re-enrollment Form HERE no later than February 15, 2024, to hold a seat for your child.  

Notre Dame Schools will continue affirming its mission to educate leaders who transform the world, as Jesus did, by living truth in love. One student at a time, your support combines with our intention of delivering transformational learning experiences with rigorous curriculum, exceptional programming, creative and collaborative learning opportunities in a safe physical and emotional environment. Thank you for your continued support and blessings.  

To view the tuition communication letter, please click HERE.

Tuition Payment

In order to accommodate our families budgets, NDES and NDMS offer several payment options:

  • FACTS offers families the ability to pay tuition in full, 2 payments, 4 payments, or monthly payments with credit card, or EFT. If you choose an option other than payment in full or the 2 payment option, there is a $60 per family FACTS processing fee. Please be sure to set up your FACTS account. 
  • NDES and NDMS will finalize the billing process and you will receive your invoice via email mid-May indicating the payments scheduled according to your selected plan.

  • All tuition payment plans will be administered by FACTS Tuition Management Systems (FACTS). All families are REQUIRED to enroll in a payment plan option with FACTS. All monthly tuition and fee payments MUST be made by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.95% service fee.

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