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Challenge Program

Challenge Program: Gifted and Talented

Program Overview

The Challenge program provides an additional environment to cultivate and extend students' love and advanced aptitude for learning. It develops and enriches critical and creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills in order to become responsible, independent and creative learners. 

Grade 1
Students participate in whole-class activities that help awaken and extend their critical and creative thinking skills. The enhancement teachers comes biweekly to offer supplemental lessons within the context of the regular classroom.

Grades 2-5
Students that qualify in grades 2-5 using a standardized ability assessment will participate in a weekly 45 minute pull-out session focused on project-based learning which emphasizes real-life skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Students in grade 1 who qualify will participate beginning in the second semester. Parents receive a progress report explaining strengths areas for growth and projects completed.

Grades 6-8
All middle school students have their scores reviewed for inclusion in our honors classes, which incorporate additional opportunities for students to extend their learning. There will be additional opportunities for enrichment or assessment of talents presented to students who qualify. Honors classes are graded using our standard grading policies.

What is Gifted?
"Gifted" refers to students who perform or show potential at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience or environment. (ORC, 3224.03)

Qualification for the Program

Students are tested using a standard ability assessment as part of the regular schedule at NDES and any additional assessments would only be given with parental permission. Transfer students will have their scores reviewed for participation in the Challenge or Honors program.

Challenge Program: Gifted and Talented