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Parent Association

Parent Association

The Notre Dame Parent Association (NDPA) is an organization comprised of parents/guardian of all students enrolled in Notre Dame Elementary School. Their purpose is to promote the spirit of Christian community through spiritual and social activities for families.

Meetings and Minutes:
Our NDPA Board Meetings are held once a month.  NDPA provides minutes of the NDPA meetings each month.  They are available for download.  We encourage everyone to attend at least one.
We are very grateful for all our chair people and volunteers.  We have many events and ways you can help make a difference.  Volunteering is also a great way to meet our families.

Meeting Dates

All NDPA meetings are held at 7 p.m. at the school. Everyone is welcome to attend!!
September, 15, 2020

NDPA Events

More Information to be shared in the upcoming weeks. 
 Date Function 

New Family Celebration

 Aug 17Back to School Treat
  Donuts with Dad 
 Oct. 16Trunk or Treat grades 
Nov 4-5Teacher Conference Dinners
Christmas Boutique 

Teacher Appreciation

Student Appreciation

Morning with Mom
Kindergarten Screening

Father/Daughter Dance

1st Communion Reception
May 25
Eighth Grade Graduation

NDPA Minutes

NDPA Board Members




Parent Representatives:
If interested in becoming a room parent, please click here

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Room Parent - Nichole Felice