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Grade 3

Grade 3

Students continue their spiritual journey and learn how God calls us to faith and to believe. Using the  textbook series, they learn the intricate parts of the Apostles Creed and  participate in an in-depth study on Mary and the lives of the Saints. As members of the church who now receive the Eucharist, they continue to review the sacraments. , students focus on the Mary, the Mother of Jesus, learn about the lives of the Saints and create a life size rosary, Christ our Life.


Foundation in math continues to strengthen as third graders extend their basic math foundation skills with new material. Students continue to learn new strategies and utilize different resources as they master basic foundations of math needed for complex problems. Topics of study include place value, time to the nearest minute, multiplication and division, fractions, addition and subtraction with regrouping to the nearest 100, area and permieter, and geometry. Students keep a fact log and an interactive Math notebook to help them organize math thought processes. Bridges Math coupled with math manipulatives, math story problems, collaboration with peers, iPad apps lead students to mathematics mastery!



Fundamental reading and writing skills begin to take shape. A variety of literature from biographies, fiction and non-fiction are used to develop skills in sequencing,finding main ideas, settings and character development. From all these genres, students develop fundamental critical thinking skills to make predictions, summarize reading, and answer questions that require analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Their writing reflects a growing understanding of formal sentence structure and grammar.They continue using phonics to decode words and practice their upper and lower case cursive writing.



Sarah Plain and Tall


Stone Fox

How to Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days

Chocolate Touch

Chocolate Fever

Johnny Appleseed

Thomas Edison

Martin Luther King

Milton S. Hershey

What’s for Lunch, Chocolate?

The Story of Chocolate

Scholastic News




Exploration of life and physical science is acquired through the Science Fusion curriculum learning activities and resources. Through hands-on activities, field trip to the Aquarium and speakers, students gain a substantial foundation focus on the study of the earth’s resources, energy and the growth and behavior of animals. 


Social Studies 

Students explore Ohio communities and the history of communication methods and the rights and responsibilities of good citizens.  Through project-based inquiry, hands-on activities, students apply timeline and budgeting skills.