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Middle School 6-8

Introducing Notre Dame Middle School
We are excited to announce the restructuring of our school to include a middle school. We are going to introduce our new middle school in August 2022. Notre Dame Middle School will: 
  • Honor the educational vision of the Sisters of Notre Dame to promote Catholic education and identity 
  • Embody the core values found at NDES and NDCL 
  • Meet and exceed the academic and social-emotional needs of the middle school student 
  • Prepare the middle school students for high school 
  • Allow middle school student enrichment in both academic and special classes 
Notre Dame Middle School will feature dedicated space exclusively for our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. The Sisters of Notre Dame have generously allowed us to extend our school to the third floor of our building, which will become the new home to our seventh and eighth grade students, as well as provide a dining room space to be used exclusively by our middle school students. The current “specials” hall will house our three sixth-grade classrooms, as well as the seventh and eighth grade science classroom and lab.   
The middle school curriculum will continue to rigorously prepare our students to be successful in high school. We will be offering honors classes in all three grades in ELA and math, as well as the opportunity to earn a high school Spanish credit. Extended learning opportunities will be offered in academic core classes, as well as the special classes, to offer the middle school students a rich and wide variety of learning experiences. With this new launch of Notre Dame Middle School, we will extend the opportunities for our sixth, seventh and eighth grade students to truly...Belong, Believe, and Become.  

•    Catholic Faith Formation
•    Honors Math & English Language Arts for Grades 6-8 
•    Dedicated Middle School Space & Cafeteria 
•    Excellent Academic Preparation for High School
 •    Block Scheduling for Grades 7 & 8
 •    Opportunity for High School Spanish Credit
 •    Outdoor Classroom
 •    Over 2 Hours of Technology Instruction per week
 •    Academic Core Enrichment