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Endowment and Special Gifts

Special Gifts and In-Kind Contributions

Some gifts have unique circumstances. Some common examples include:

Endowment Gifts: Gifts to the NDES endowment are added to the endowment portfolio, of which a small percentage is used each year to support tuition assistance for NDES students with demonstrated need.  Endowment gifts of any amount are accepted.  Named endowments begin at $25,000.

Memorial Gifts: Remember a loved one—family member, coach, faculty member, or classmate—that touched your life by making a memorial gift to NDES in his/her memory. Funds from Memorial Gifts are directed to the NDES Fund, which funds NDES's Tuition Assistance program.

Corporate Matching Gifts: Do you or your spouse work for a Matching Gift Company? Many companies will match, or sometimes triple, gifts made to charitable organizations (such as NDES) by its employees. Check with your human resources office to take advantage of leveraging your own giving to benefit NDES even more.

Gifts in Kind: Sometimes donors have non-financial assets they wish to donate to Notre Dame Elementary School. Some examples include: sports equipment, heavy machinery, office equipment and furniture, etc. For these types of gifts, please call the NDCL Advancement Office to determine our current needs.

Special Gifts: NDES maintains a short list of projects and improvements that fall outside our normal budget. For the latest list and ways to match our needs and yours, contact the NDCL Advancement Office.

To discuss your donation or have any other questions, please contact Keven Krajnak, Director of Advancement at 440.279.1068.

2022 - 2023 Endowment and Special Gifts Honor Roll

     (Donors updated through March 20, 2023)

The Albert and Anna Ernes Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship
      Dave and Lynne Ernes

The Sr. Kay White Endowed Scholarship 
      William and Renee Centa       
      Dale and Barb Dorinski

Special Gifts
      Catholic Charities Corporation

Matching Gifts
These companies matched one or more gifts to Notre Dame Schools this fiscal year