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LionSGO: Notre Dame Schools Scholarship Granting Organization

The State of Ohio recently passed a Tax Credit Scholarship Program where individuals may receive a 100% tax credit against their Ohio income tax liability for gifts up to $750 ($1,500 for married couples filing jointly through two separate $750 donations) to a scholarship granting organization. Notre Dame Schools is the FIRST Scholarship Granting Organization designed specifically for a Catholic School! 

Introducing LionSGO the Notre Dame Schools Scholarship Granting Organization. LionSGO is specifically designed to award scholarships to students with the highest financial need. Your support will help ensure any student can receive a Catholic education from Notre Dame Schools who seeks one. 
Just follow these three steps to contribute to LionSGO: 
1. Review your Ohio tax liability from last year (2021 1040 IT, line 8c) to help estimate the amount of your Ohio tax liability for this year against which the credit can be taken. 
2. Go to LionSGO.org to make a one-time or monthly gift to LionSGO in 2022. 
3. Claim your tax credit on your 2022 Ohio tax form with the tax credit receipt that will be mailed to you from Notre Dame Schools or emailed to you. 
To donate and for more information, please go to LionSGO.org

If you and your spouse plan on both donating we recommend a separate donation from each individual.