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All students in grades K through 8 take part in music classes. Music education at NDES and NDMS is consistent with the National Standards for Arts Education as well as the Cleveland Catholic Diocesan Standards for the Arts. The music curriculum is balanced, comprehensive, and sequential. It provides experiences in creating, performing, listening to and analyzing music.

Grades K-2

Primary music classes consist of a wide ranging repertoire of songs for singing and movement. Students are introduced to basic musical concepts, including beat, rhythm, pitch and melody. Musical selections are often cross curricular in nature and include liturgical and seasonal themes. Students in grades K-2 participate in the annual Christmas Concert in December. 

Grades 3-5

Intermediate music classes expand on the basic musical concepts of beat, rhythm, pitch and melody and transition students into music theory and sight reading. Students use a variety of music tools, including bells, rhythm sticks and boom whackers (pitched tubes) to enhance understanding of pitch and rhythm and note reading. Students in grades 3-5 also participate in the annual Spring Concert. To improve vocal skills and sight reading, students in grades 6-8 are invited to join the Notre Dame Choir. 

Junior High 

Junior High music classes continue to build on musical knowledge using pitched percussion instruments and improved vocal technique, creative expression and communication. Students are also challenged to understand the role music plays in people's lives, responses to music and the value of the arts and aesthetic reflection. Junior high students have attended musical performances by the Cleveland Orchestra, including the Violins of Hope concert and The Nutcracker ballet.