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Grade 4

Grade 4


Students experience God through his creation, Sacred Scripture and the Church. Through personal connection activities with the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes and Good Shepherd lessons on parables, students learn the importance of Gods laws and how it applies to their everyday lives. Students continue to develop empathy and understanding with class outreach projects to an inner city school, Bible reflections and student-led prayer services.


Students solve math problems in a highly interactive and engaging classroom. Drawing from strong math fundamentals, crucial thinking skills and processes, students illustrate and understand higher mathematic concepts. Topics of study include Numbers and Operations in Base Ten: place value, and decimals, Numbers and Operations, in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and fractions, Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Geometry. Using math manipulatives, enrichment packets, Moby Max software along with iPad games, students reinforce basic math skills.  Students expand their minds while working in math centers with peers to solve complex math problems.

Three times a year, students meet with their teacher to develop individual math goals according to their MAP results and classroom performance. Different strategies and resources are utilized to master goals with measured results.


The ELA curriculum employs a comprehensive approach to reading and writing. Students use novels, plays, short stories and poetry to develop reading components further. When writing, students apply the writing process and the 6+1 Traits of Writing. As a group and as individuals, students research current events using Scholastic News as the foundation and then write, present and debate research findings. In addition to studying a diverse genre of literature, students continue to refine their grammar and writing mechanics through workbooks and daily oral language skill activities. 


The Scientific Method is introduced with a variety of scientific tools and interactive labs that enhance understanding of topics studied throughout the course of the school year. Students analyze lab results and apply them to the real world. Students experience how results support scientific arguments and explanations previously studied. Using facts to support their statements, students engage in scientific discussion and debates by articulating how they feel and learning how to respect differing opinions from differing perspectives.

Social Studies

Students apply their knowledge of economics as they become entrepreneurs and participate in the 4th-grade Business Fair. Students create and sell their product to the school community. Also, students learn about Ohio history and establish a connection with the past. Students analyze the structure of the government and determine where they can intervene and help solve problems that plague our communities.