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Parent Connections

As a partner in your child’s education, Notre Dame Elementary and Middle School provide a seamless connection between home and school as a key to guaranteeing success for your child. Listed below are methods to strengthen communication connections.
Contacting a Teacher
Teachers can always be contacted via phone or voice mail. Expect a response within 24 hours. The home phone or mobile numbers of any school personnel or students will not be released by Notre Dame Elementary School or Notre Dame Middle School.

Student Progress System - PlusPortal
Information regarding children’s progress is accessed through the PlusPortal system app or desktop application. This system provides information about homework assignments, grades, school forms, the faculty/staff directory, homeroom lists, etc. Direct all questions regarding passwords and instructions for use to Mrs. Sue Luck at mailto:[email protected] or 440.279.1127
Parent-Teacher Conferences 
NDES and NDMS hold teacher conferences twice a year. All parents are asked to attend the scheduled conference during the first semester. It is extremely helpful if parents can accommodate their schedules to the time indicated. On-line registration for conferences will be accessible under Quick Links.  A second semester conference is optional for elementary school students.
Friday Focus Message
The new e-newsletter is called Friday Focus. 
NDES/NDMS Website Calendar 
A Google based electronic calendar can be accessed from the website. This calendar provides dates, times, and locations for all school happenings. It also streams to the PlusPortal system calendar. Families can subscribe to the calendar in an iCal format. 
Parent Notification System 
Messages/announcements/updates will periodically be sent home through the parent notification system after school hours.
Parent Travel
When parents are traveling for business or other purposes and cannot be contacted, inform the school office in writing or by email as to who is the responsible person in case of emergency.

Changes in Parent Information
Changes to addresses, email addresses and phone numbers can be done by contacting Mrs. Sue Luck at [email protected] or 440.279.1127.