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K-3 Technology

Students in grades K-3 use a variety of technology-based tools to create, collaborate, and code. Students have access to and experience with laptops, iPads, desktops and printers.

Through the use of kid-friendly programs and games, students study the basic fundamental parts of the computer and basic skills such as keyboarding and word processing. Students apply computer skills to cross-curricular projects and activities.

Students also learn how to research electronically and present their research using  graphic organizers. Students are also introduced to the coding basics and activities.

Grades 4-5 Technology
In grades 4-5, students expand their fundamental computer skills with cutting edge technology tools and skills.  Students will focus on keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheet/graphing/formulas, multimedia, digital art, basic internet functions and electronic research, various apps and web-based activities, and computer programming. 
All students in grades 4-5 have access to  laptops, iPads,  and desktops.  A 3-D printer as well as a multitude of color printer are availabe throughout the school to help students complete tasks and challenges.  With an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, students will determine which tool is best for the task at hand and use a variety of computer and multimedia technology for guided learning activities. 
Grades 6-8 Technology: Cloud-based Computing
In grades 6-8, each student has their own “virtual backpack,” a personal tablet PC along with an MS Office 365 cloud-based account.  Students can access their MS Office 365 accounts on up to five devices allowing them to access textbooks, notes, and assignments anytime, anywhere and on any device. Students have e-class notebooks for each class with One Note and learn how to their collaboration work and homework in their e-note books.
In computer class, students continue to refine and integrate basic wordprocessing, spreadsheet, presentation and electronic research skills that augment their core curricular studies. In addition to harnessing technology as a tool, students will also step into the graphic design and computer programming world mastering the art of photo and video editing and unlocking the mysteries behind coding.
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