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Our Mission

Celebrating God’s goodness and provident care, Notre Dame Elementary School educates children by nurturing dreams, excellence and success for transforming their lives and our world.

Core Values

Justice • Respect • Integrity • Community • Excellence

Our Vision

Notre Dame Schools will engage students from preschool through high school in an exceptional Catholic education.
We will focus on loving, respecting, and educating all to discover and develop their God-given talents.
We will challenge our students to respond faithfully to Jesus’ call to transform the world by consciously doing good and bringing hope to the hearts of all.
Message from the President
Good morning, Friends and Family of Notre Dame Schools,

On the frontlines of addressing this global pandemic are good, courageous, hardworking people serving humanity in grocery stores, doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmacies, gas stations, and in neighborhoods across our world.

This morning, I was inspired by Mikey Welsh ‘21, NDCL student-athlete and hardworking Heinen’s cashier. With spirit and grace, Mikey keeps showing up to his job, ensuring that thousands in our community continue to have safe food available in our homes. We are naturally scared and alarmed by the dizzying pace of shutdown and the acceleration of the pandemic. Mikey acknowledged “sales in the store are greater than at Thanksgiving time.” And so, we are buying food, caring for our families and loved ones, and adapting to a new way of life.