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Academic Electives

Academic Electives 
One of the changes taking place this year was the addition of academic and special electives for our junior high students. Our goal is to expose our junior high students to many different academic and related art experiences so they can make better choices for high school electives and career plans. Today, we feature our last academic elective, Career Exploration. 
The Career Exploration Academic Elective this quarter gave students a chance to think about what career or jobs they might be interested in doing in the future through conversations, research, and listening to speakers who either visited our class or zoomed with us. Students were asked to interview family or friends and listen to speakers who explained their career path. Most of the career paths that were shared with us began with realizing something that each speaker enjoyed or found interesting as early as middle or high school. The class focused on listening to one another and thinking about asking questions that lead students to consider what they enjoy doing or are good at and what purpose that might play in leading them to a career that they will enjoy in the future. Angelo Preziuso says he enjoys learning about different career choices. Elsbeth Khula adds, “This elective gets me thinking about my future”.

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