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Annual Fund and Giving Day Honor Roll

Annual Fund and Giving Day Honor Roll

Donors to Giving Day, The NDCL Fund, and the NDES Fund make Catholic education possible for more than 1,100 students on our campus. The donors listed below- alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends of Notre Dame Schools- are benefactors who believe in educating young men and women who transform the world. 
(Gifts received since July 1, 2020)
(Donors updated through May 31, 2021) 

($10,000 or more)

Dan and Diane Garey
Marguerite (Jost `47) Hrabak
Ed and Colleen Kubek
The Phillips Family Foundation 
Janet Poponick `77
Patrick and Diane Preston

($5,000 to $9,999)

Fred and Kathy Bauters
Jason and Rachel Bowden
Sebastian Cook `58
Darin and Mary Degner
Fedeli Family Charitable Foundation
Terry and Debbie Feller
Shirley Havlek `52
Bruce and Deborah Jarosz
Bill and Rita (Kirk `69) McKenna
John and Keri Nekic
Dale `95 and Lina (Penkauskas `95)       Wollschleger
Roger Zona '96 and TPI Efficiency
($2,500 to $4,999)

Mel `53 and Geri (Grdina `55) Amato
Pat and Lisa Callahan
Frank and Domenica Cappello
Matthew Cappello `12
Rick `01 and Jennifer (Liebenauer `01) Cavolo
David and Lynne (Gorse `74) Ernes
Dennis and Lauren Florian
Darlene Fritz `67
Roger and Kathrine Gingerich
Mark and Beth Hoersten
Rick and Jeanine Kuhlman
The Laub Foundation
Theresa (Koczan `60) Lembach
Mike McGuigan `72
Anna Maria Motta `77
Dan and Kathryn (Homansky `84) Mullinger
Eric and Teresa Patterson
Beverly (Laurienzo `54) Rivera
Paul `64 and Lianne Sefcovic
Roger Skrocki `60
Laszlo `72 and Eva (Loiczly `75) Szantho
Ryan and Lisa White
Evan and Tania Young
James `64 and Bette Anne Zaletel

($1,000 to $2,499) 

Dominick and Josephine Ambrose
Gerard and Kathleen Beattie
James Bennett `64
Matt and Katie Bittner
Dwight and Susan Bowden
Scott and Karee Broome
Marty Burke
Ronald and Mary Jo Burwinkel
Rev. James Caddy
Rick `74 and Bernadette (Caprez `75) Cavolo
Charles Centivany `65
Jim Clark
James and Patricia Cooney
Nicholas and Sandra Criniti
Matt `94 and Kristin Dailey
Jeff DeChellis `99
Brian and Katrina DeRespiris
Joseph and Angela DuBois
Jason and Alissa Effner
Ann (Musca `81) Ertle
Jason and Nichole Felice
Philip Fogarty `76
Phillip and Barbara Giaconia
Margaret Gorensek `71
Mary (Gowan `59) Hackman
Laszlo and Jill Harmat
John and Therese Herubin
Melanie (Farson `95) Hollas
Paul `69 and Jackie Hoynes
Edward and Carol Hren
Peter Huefner `99
David and Meghan (McCann `01) Johnson
William and JoAnne (Bozza `76) Jonathan
Sandra (Eiler `61) Jones-Wernet
Martha (Loiczly `85) Judy
Bob and Bernadette Kane
Anthony `92 and Angel (Basquinez `92)    Kardum
Matt and Kelly (Kane `93) Keefe
Michael and Debra Kellis
Frank King `52
Paul and Denise Kobus
Keven `98 and Meghan Krajnak
Steve and Beatrice Krajnak
Ben '98 and Kate Kraus
Ernie and Helen (Intihar `72) Lallo
Tim `60 and Margy Lamb
James and Sara Legarth
Steven and Mary (Dever `76) Legerski
Anthony and Jennifer Lignetta
Jon and Stephanie Maley
Matt and Mary (Gallagher `92) Matheney
Terrie (Finn `73) Miller
Ryan and Allison Moore
Richard Mott `50
Chris and Michelle Mulchin
Tony `51 and Molly Musca
Victor and Denise (Stauffer `78) Nesi
Matthew and Melissa Nipper
Mark Oberdoerster `74
John Olle `64
Wayne and Nicole Ostrosky
Vincent Panichi `53
Sterling `60 and Lois (Andruscik `61) Parks
Christopher Payne `70
Eric and Lia Payne
Robert and Patricia Petrie
J. Daniel Pigott `74
Eric and Michelle Platz
Anthony `94 and Renee Preziuso
Michael and Karen Rayl
Eric and Angela Rieger
Timothy Salcer `96
Bryan and Wendy Satterlee
Jason and Michelle (Jansky `91) Schermer
Julie Schmidlin
Calvin and Camille Schroeck
Virginia (Gaffney `46) Schuerger
Terry Searles 
Raymond and Melissa Sminchak
Dorothy (Voytko `74) Stanley
Dean and Denice Teeples
Eugene `54 and Barbara Trela
Jim and Molly (Musca `82) Vanek
William and Sandy (Winter `77) Viau
Joseph A. and Nancy Waler
Jim and Kelly Yates
Nicholas and Tracee Zitnik

($500 to $999)

Chris and Heather Adams
M. Todd and Sally Aini
Frank Aquino `66
Elizabeth Basich `03
Michael and Nancy Bates
William `99 and Jessica Bauer
Jacqueline Bauters `00
Andrew and Lynn Bearden
Cheryll (Stewart `62) Bellamy
Henry and Barbara Bloom
Aaron and Shelley Brown
Paul Chuppa `57
William Connelly `61
Greg and Debbie Consolo
Edward M. and Renee de Windt
Jim Doyle `70
Christopher Ducic `76
Audrey (Hubeny `52) Dvorak
Dan `76 and Margie Flynn
Andy and Jacqueline (Preston `01) Franck
Frances Gasper '52
Dan and Marisa Gindi
Bryan Hackett `06
Michael and Sherri Hargas
Richard and Nicole Heffern
Robert and Ruth Henrikson
Adam and Susan Hollobaugh
Loreto and Jennifer Iafelice
Franjo and Maria (Jukanovic `99) Injic
John Kaminski `49
Dale and Christy Kaprosy
Michael and Heidi Keherly
John King `79
Ron Laneve
Michael and Jenna Lewis
Michael and Kelly Malkamaki
Doug Nagy '63
Stephen and Linda Owendoff
John and Denielle Paglia
Tom and Julie Perovsek
James Pesek `44
Brian and Kristine Pesho
Christopher and Marie Poulos
Warren and Kelly Printz
Toni Quagliata `84
Wesley and Anmarie Rand
Adrian Rule IV
Lino and Amy (Salwan `97) Sergo
Kathleen (Catalano `77) Staude
Chet Talarczyk `60
Joseph Trask `53
Brian and Jennifer Veasey
Eric and Jennifer Wachob
Maureen Wah

($250 to $499)    
James and Lisa Adair
Jonathan `00 and Caroline (Humphrey `01) Ahlborn
Fred Althoff `63
Jason and Maria Arcadi
Carol (Bonnay `56) Armenti
Todd and Amy Berardinelli
Frank Blake `52
Maarten and Robyn (Cornachione `86) Buma
Terrence `77 and Antoinette Byrne
Rick and Melissa Capretta
Robert `96 and Erin Casar
Scott and Rachel (Haas `95) Casteel
Jack and Marlene Cornachio
Michael Cornachio `97
David and Ann Corwin
Christine (Sandacz `08) Dashevsky
Robert DeAngelis `52
Jason DeSantis '95
Lee and Julia (Gliha `98) Dessecker
Dino and Gretchen DiSanto
Michael and Kimberly Dixon
Daniel and Deborah Duffy
Brandon and Heather Dynes
Hooman and Rozhan Farhoodi
Richard and Mary Farone
Marc Fatica `96
M. Martin and Therese Fernandes
Mary Jo Ferrante-Leaman
Lewis and Kellie Galante
Alex and Amanda Gibson
Michael and Laura (Neff `03) Gooding
Ted and Jenean Grambo
William Hantl `68
Doug and Cathy Hogan
Michael and Joya Hoge
Frank Hondlik `49
Robert Hopkins `79
Trevor and Kara Hutter
Tim and Lisa Jackson
Peter and Tina Joyce
Joe and Meagan Jurevicius
John and Joyce Kelleher
Augustine and Mary Kellis
Deborah Kersman `81
Marisa (Cornachio `96) Kliegl
Brian and Jody (Desantis `92) Knapp
Stanley Koss `57
Timothy and Kerrie Krizner
Chad and Kimberly Leland
Paul and Maria (Musca `85) Leonetti
Patrick and Annemarie Linnert
John and Brenda Lynch
Armando and Irene Martinez
Rev. Theodore Marszal `60
Patrick McDonough `64
Shawn and Tina McGraw
Brian and Marija Miller
Paul and Bonnie Miller
Paul and Joti Mucci
Jim and Toni Murphy
Rob and Jennifer Newton
John Norton `50
Michael `00 and Brooke Penny
Karen (Suster '80) Peereboom
Bill and Kelly Prymas
Mark and Jill Raicevich
Brian and Laura Redmond
James `52 and Mary Anne (Murray `52) Reinmann
Katherine (Dailey `97) Ring
Kevin and Amy Rottinghaus
Bradley Salmon `92
Laurence and Kim Santagata
Colleen (Dickard `73) Schroeder
Terry Searles
Donna (Catalano `78) Silk
Mike Soinski `64
Brian and Meredith Sonby
John and Lucy Spetic
Paula (Cimperman `75) Srsen
Richard Sundra `53
John and Amy Svoboda
Stephen and Amy Tardio
Paul and Julia Thomas
Shawn and Jennifer Thomas
Kelley Thompson 
Dominic Tomaro `68
Ed and Gina Trebets
Nick and Trisha Trent
The Triple T Foundation
Kenneth and Cindy Uveges
Matthew and Jennifer Veselko
Joe IV and Barbara Williams
Molly (Feller `06) Woeste
Ana (Katic `93) Zgela
Chad and Shawna Ogin

($100 to $249) 
Anonymous (3)
Amazon Smile
Chris Chalko
Jason DeSantis `95
Bill and Kelly Prymas
Randy and Jamie Veri
Janet (Colton `68) Algier
Timothy and Phoebe Atkinson
William Amato `52
Mirko and Kathleen Antloga
Matteo and Rosalba Antonelli
Andrew and Courtney (Rice `98) Bacik
Larry and Lisa Bagley
Christian Baker `18
Rose (Dolan `75) Baker
Marko and Anita (Jurcevic `91) Bartulovic
John Bastulli `72
John and Kimberly Begovic
David and Constance Bellini
Thomas and Judy Benda
Robert Beno `54
Theodore and Marie Berchak
Denise (Meyer `77) Bijak
Paul Billig
George Billings `53
Kathy and Steve Biro
Alan and Jodi Blankenship
Joseph Blaszak `70
Roger Blatnick `61
Dan and Kelly Boehlefeld
Paul `96 and Kimberly (McHenry `96)  Boehnlein
Charles Bohnak
Matthew and Rana Bottino
Hugh and Michelle Breen
Rose (Humenik `51) Breen
Vincent Brice `61
Justin and Christina (Cerino `96) Brock
J. Kenneth Brown `53
Theresa (Dailey `68) Brown
Rosemary Brownlee
Tom and Ximena (Marion `88) Brugger
Mark and Beth Bumpus
Sarah Carver
Patrick and Christine Casseday
James and Laura Cerha
Edward Cermak `58
Chris and Ellie Chalko
David Chiappone `68
Virgil and Adriana Chichernea
Carole (Ignatowski `58) Chrosniak
Anthony and Karen Ciecierski
Nathan `03 and Shannon (Searles `03)  Clapper
Patrick and Allison Coulson
Jeffrey and Morgan Cowen
Patricia (Ward `56) Coyne
Mary (Harrington `58) Crotty
Jeffrey and Angela Cudo
Randy and Salvatrice Cumley
Bob and Loretta Dakes
Roger and Rebecca (Stanek `92) Dawson
Giovanni and Elizabeth DeNigris
Michael `51 and Elaine (Santucci `53) DiCillo
Norman Diederich `60
Anna DiFiore `84
Marco `06 and Jamie (Summers `06)  DiFranco
Brian and Tracy DiPasquale
Peter Domanko `00
Jason and Kathleen Dubeansky
William and Susan (D'Angelo `82) Duffy
Patrick and Karen Dulzer
Michael Durnwald `68
Ann Marie (Kirchner `54) Dyke
D. Michael Edelmuth `57
Patricia (Velotta `72) Embleton
Lionel and Melaida Estacio
Barbara (Krawczyk `55) Fatica
William and Amy Ferrell
Laura Filion `79
Scott and Lynette Filson
Francesco and Carla Fioretta
Patricia (Kline `69) Fisco
Greg and Kristine Fondran
Thomas Forristal `58
Victoria Frabotta `86
Jessica Franks
Kaylee Frohring `16
Gerald Fuerst `52
Linda (Ziegler '69) Gahr
Lewis Galante
Raul and Lisa Garcia
Jane (Bier '54) Garrett
Carmelita Gerome '63
Dan and Cheryl Gillespie
Monica (Semancik `85) Gloudemans
Ron and Mamie Glunt
Walter and Dawn Goodfield
Geraldine (Paik `61) Goodwin
Timothy Griesmer `98
Matt and Amanda Haberman
Richard Habic `50
Jay and Valerie Hadam
Matthew Haley `61
James Halas '62
Karen (Bugno `80) Hall
Jeff and Pam Halter
James and Michele Harlan
Thomas Heffernan '53
Justin and Lori Hemrock
James Herak `61
Lisa (Janda `82) Herchek
Ted and Kimberly Herczog
Lawrence Herman `65
Nancy (DeJovine `82) Hetki
Cherrilyn Hoffman
James Hoynes `97
Lucienne (Hinger `83) Hubiak
Bill and Kathy (York `73) Hurt
Tim `73 and Cathy Hyland
Therese Iammarino
Victor Ilenda `59
Susan Ipavec
Louis Jacquet `68
Vjekoslav and Lisa Jeras
Joyce (Pristov `58) Jernejcic
Dolores (Hoge '74) Joyce
Barbara Julai `64
Chris `98 and Sarah Kakish
Nicole Kardum `99
William Karnak `60
Mike and Barb Katic
Andrew Katronick `96
Lawrence `58 and Mary Agnes (Friedel `59)  Kendra
Walter Kennedy `62
John Kieran `65
Ben and Barb Kimball
Karl and Jeanne King
Matthew and Marcia Kish
Kurt Kluznik
Kathleen and David Koci
David Kocsis `95
Jason and Eileen Koler
Darko and Bernadette Kralj
Jeanne Kropp `67
Charles and Laura Kuenzig
Rose and Kurt Kuster
Stephanie (Likavec `00) Lambert
Victoria Laush
Daniel Leahy `11
Anthony and Deborah Leccese
Kyle Leciejewski `02
Tim and Kathy Leciejewski
Rachel (Poplyk `80) Legerski
Thomas Liederbach `50
Richard Lillash `59
Andrew Lingenfelter
Gabriel P. Loiczly Charitable Lead Trust
Edward Lostoski '48
Thomas `07 and Jessica (Christopher '08)  Lund
Amy (Poje `96) Marsh
Angela (Marton `72) Marton-Crego
Victor Mastrangelo `67
Giedra (Natkevicius `57) Matas
Robert and Patricia (Knezevic `73) McBrayer
Kerry McCullough `73
Laura (Burk `60) McGuinness
Dan and Jen McKenna
Rev. Dennis McNeil `67
Edward and Joanie McTernan
Tom `47 and Ursula (Sandro `49) Meaney
Nancy (Kanetsky `00) Merritt
Kathleen (Boyle `90) Meyer
Craig and Denise Mikin
Greg Miller
Leonard Mlejnek `55
Dino `94 and Leigh Ann Montoni
Michael Moore `63
Gary and Kathryn (Dickinson `96) Moran
Joseph and Kelly Morano
David Moriarty '61
Erin Morrison
Maryann Mraz `81
Michael Mullee
Michael Mullin `59
William Mullin `61
Ross and Jennifer Munn
Bernard Niehaus '48
Quang and Anh Nguyen
Mark and Jennifer Nieto
Cara and John Niksa
Joseph `64 and Trish Nista
Lance and Laura (Nocero `88) Nosse
Michelle and Ron Nowak
Casey `93 and Wendi O'Brien
Theresa (Lanese `55) O'Brien
Timothy and Melissa O'Brien
Dan and Michelle O'Connor
Karen (Zarobila `70) O'Connor
Timothy and Kimberly O'Hair
Maureen (Vidmar `72) O'Hearn
John Orlando `64
Stephen and Linda Owendoff
Richard Pacyna `60
Jim `58 and Kay Parch
Kimberly Pastva
Carmen Paterniti
James and Fran Paulin
Marcia and Robert Pecek
Louis Perko `53
Charles and Jennifer Petro
Kathy Petteruti `70
Mark and Carolyn Petzing
Charles Pfister `51
Ernest and Wendy Pisanelli
Tina (Piscitelli `99) Piscitelli-Shaffer
Joyce (Turk `48) Pitman
Avis Pritchett `74
Andrew and Lynn Proctor
Dennis Pruchnicki `59
John and Zana Purgar
Jamie Putinski
Timothy Rachek `77
Angela (Reese `98) Rakauskas
Charlene Rapinz `71
Dustin and Heather Reese
Dan and Kristin Reginelli
Kevin and Patricia Rice
Bill and Darcy Roediger
Thomas and Jennifer Rook
James and Maueen Roth
Lauren Rudman `02
Edward and Mary Beth Rumburg
Tina Russo
Barry and Susan Sabol
Jane (Raby `75) Sacco
Richard Sadowski `05
Gary Salloum
Raymond and Althea Salomone
Carl and Jill Santagata
John `79 and Aileen Schneeberger
Robert Schwartz `97
Carl Sferry `68
Louis Shenk `61
William Shula `64
John Sims `67
Philip and Emma Skovira
Barry Smudz '99
John Sodja '56
Candida Solinsky `10
Gary Soukup `68
Joseph Spagnuolo `61
Anne Spicer
Joe and Nancy Spicuzza
Michael and Kelly Stefanek
Helen (Brown `59) Stefanov
Ronald and Julie Stettler
Carrie (Fay `85) Stewart
James Stoyanovich
Victor and Jill (Giarrizzo `85) Strauss
Leonard Strnad `59
Albert and Kristina Susinskas
Michael Suso `03
Joanne (Jozsa `59) Swartz
David and Shannon Swiatkowski
Patrick Talty `64
Melissa Tatham `95
James Tauschek
Thomas and Karen Tercek
Donna (Petricig `73) Thiernau
Peter and Penny Thomas
Steven Thomas `69
Richard Tomc `63
Brenda (Pawlak `77) Traffis
Jennifer (Hippley `86) Trittschuh
Karen Trunk
Todd and Aimee Trusso
Dreux Turchan
Kevin Tyransky `12
Lewis `52 and Marylyn (Tushar `52) Valentine 
Marilyn (Zele `57) Van Doesburg-Zele
Sarah (Kramer `96) Vasquez
Alex and Connie Vatandoust
Steven and Lori Vieira
Michael and Sonya Virant
Mark and Leigh Anne Vogley
Kathleen (Love `54) Voneman
Conor Voyles `08
Edwin and Julie Ann Voyles
John Voyles `13
Shane Voyles `10
Wilma (Glover `70) Waller
Richard Washington
Joseph Wawrzynski `57
James Weiler `73
Keri Welch
Reid Wenger
Mike and Paula Wheeler
Laura (Whittingham `73) Whittingham
Robert Widmar `52
Justin and Amanda Wilcox
John Wilhelm `67
Clare Wilson `09
Caroline (Muhitsch '50) Wodarsky
Kenneth and Elizabeth Yaniglos
Kevin and Christine (Beckman `90) Zaletel
John `70 and Ronnie Znidarsic
Jon and Angela Zurbuch

(Up to $99) 
Anonymous (2)
Clare Abood `18
Donna Adair `86
Gene and Sherryl Adamic
Amazon Smile
Alicia Ambrose `14
Anthony Ambrose `09
Ashley Ambrose `17
Thomas Amodeo `74
Susan Ancheta
Mary Grace Antalovich `12
Tim and Ashley Arko
Valerie Arko `12
Victor and Mary (Simko `71) Astraitis
John Baco
Leona (Fulton '58) Baird
David and Lynn Baird
Adele (Siauciunas `63) Baliunas
Rachel Barlage
Gabriella Bartulovic `18
Brian Bates
Peter Bates
Tony and Kristina Beletic
Hap M. Berichon `51
Leroy Berichon `51
Bryan and Monica Bickar
Stacy (Tantanella `92) Bien
Alan and Jodi Blankenship
Veronika (Stropnik `91) Blood
Eric and Mary Bockmuller
David Bokar `60
Daniel Bosworth `18
Renelle and Chris Bouffard
Teresa (Hippley `84) Bowyer
John Bradley `66
Marie (Severovic `65) Brame
Jennifer (White `04) Brooks
Pamela (Calderhead `69) Brys
Theresa (Boehnlein `57) Buffington
James and Tammy Burnette
Lisa Cappelli '78
Rick and Debbie Carbone `65
Sr. Emilia Castelletti,  SND
Steven `05 and Natalie Cavolo
Paul and Tamera Chess
Bernard Clark `50
Domenic and Suzanne (Marshall `79)  Clemente
Kevin and Joelle Coates
Edmund Cody `49
Jeanne Marie Condon `77
Patricia (Boczek `57) Conway
Nancy (Oneill `73) Covelli
James `45 and Patricia (Rybicki `48) Coviello
Charles Cox `58
Kenneth Cudnik `57
Jeffrey and Laura Cvelbar
Frank D'Amico `56
John and Karen Danch
Joshua Dasch `12
Christine (Sandacz `08) Dashevsky
David and Michelle Davidson
Dennis Dejulius `61
Patrick and Mary Delaney
Ross DiBello `01
Joseph DiBlasio `65
Carla DiBlasio `05
Angela DiFranco
William Dileno `56
John Dobritch `68
Barbara (Adams `70) Dougherty
Maureen Dowd `70
Timothy Draper `61
Peter Ducic `73
Rosemarie Duh `62
Susanne Eagan `64
Kathryn (Dolesh `10) Etelman
Catherine (Wincek `57) Fallon
Michael Farona `52
Steven and Linda (Lucas `76) Fedor
Maryann Fekete `67
Sal `53 and Rose Marie (Cimaglia `53) Felice
Joseph Firment `56
Mary (Corrigan `49) Flammang
Kyle Flynn `11
Thomas Forte `10
Craig and Christine Gardner
Mary Ann (Yenc `71) Gaster
Stephen and Diana Gatto
Mr. Robert Gawronski
John Gazzuolo `69
Jared Geizer `12
Judee and David Geizer
Zachary Geizer `14
Mary (Reilly `60) Gibbons
Mary and Patrick Gilbert
Helene (Lautzar `38) Glavan
Victoria Glunt `15
Paul Gohring `61
Todd and Skye Golling
Robert and Ann Gonzalez
Edward Gorbett `66
Mike and Kathy Grabowski
Patricia (Grazulis '64) Griffin
Judith (Froning `61) Guadagno
Thomas Gudowicz `64
James Halas `62
Lorelei (Boczek `63) Hart
Glen and Vinka Hartman
Michael Hayslip '10
Douglas Hayslip '14
Daniells Hayslip 
Vernon and Susan Hayward
Jerome Helfrich `51
Trisha Heller
Paul Herman `67
Darrell and Courtney Hickman
Frank Hlad `68
James Hocevar `70
Gina Hofstetter
Edward Hoynes `95
Bill and Kathy (York `73) Hurt
John Hurt `02
Sandra (Rubal `73) Irving
Virginia (Beyer `73) Ivec
Geoffrey and Patricia (Plocica `85) Jacobson
Marie (Pavli `64) Jagodnik
William and Barbara Jelenic
Michael Jezior `56
Mikaela Johnson `10
Lillian (Vosmik `47) Joliat
Frances (Rosboril `58) Jones
Marie (Moscovic `70) Jones
Linda (Nekic `70) Kappus
Martina Katic `18
Virginia (Nyman `76) Katona
Margaret (Weiss `57) Kavula
Daniel Keefe `68
David and Diane Keep
James Kennedy `61
Mary (McLaughlin `56) Kenny
David and Shannon Kimball
Catherine (Galfidi `96) Kipp
Kathryn Kocevar `82
Mary (Prunty `72) Kocsan
David and Amy (Spisich `92) Kogovsek
Timothy and Rose Kolbeck
Janet (Bernot `80) Koratich
Peter `92 and Caitlyn Kozelj
John and Stacy Kresic
Rev. Dennis Kristancic
Maureen (Freas `72) Krol
Gordon LaGanke `50
Catherine (Schock `97) Lamb
Gerald and Tara Lamm
James and Barbara Lange
Mary Ann (Halko `47) Lanser
Andy and Ellen Xu Lee
Thomas and Susan Likavec
Ronald Litra `71
Ryan and Elizabeth Looman
Leonard and Shirley A. LoPorto
Avery Love
Mary Ann (Kick `72) Lovelace
Christopher Lynch `75
Tom Madden '64
Frank Magalski `59
Jamie Malz
Christine Manfredonia `85
Jeff and Sarah (Monateri `93) Mann
Elly Maras `12
Jennifer Maras
Susan (Todt `72) Margalis
Edward Martin `64
Louis Mason `49
Robert and Audrey Mayer
Emily Mazzaferri
Ryan McCafferty
Mary McDonnell `11
Ellen (Griffin `54) McGarry
Daniel and Sharan McPadden
Carol (Curtis `73) Medve
Gintas and Karen Mekesa
Frances (Toth `46) Mendyka
Eric and Angela Meyer
Loretta (Loyke `53) Meyer
Katherine (Ryan `02) Miller
Walter Miller `59
Diane (Palsa `79) Monreal
Daniel Moriarty `55
Mary Ann (Osgood `73) Morrison
Annmarie (Woscek `70) Morrow
Alyssa Naro
John and Michelle Naro
Michael Naro `19
Janet Trudie Naso `54
Kathleen (Fuerst `54) Neroni
Dolores Nichta `69
Gary Nied `65
Kevin and Susan Novotney
Kelsey O'Brien `09
Kevin O'Grady `67
Raymond and Laura Oliverio
Richard O'Neill `62
Juliet Oppenlander
Michael and Christina Owendoff
Megan Owens
Lena Paglia
Patricia (Stanisa `70) Palermo
Elizabeth (Molnar `53) Palko
John Pangonis `58
Greg and Julie Parent
Joseph Parey `66
Melissa Parey
Brian and Mary Parisi
Zlatko and Susan Paulic
David Payne `76
Lois (Vedmar `69) Percaciante
Michael and Renee Philippone
Margaret Phillips `73
Abinadi and Cinthia (Brice `77) Picciuto
Stanley Piekos `61
Marie (Santucci `55) Piller
Tyler Pirc `12
Donald Polomsky `61
William Preston `54
Catherine (MacDonald `45) Quinlan
Ted and Kathleen (Oesterle `83) Raddell
Rev. Sean Ralph `99
Jacqueline (Hurt `97) Reginelli
Timothy Ratajczak '66
Patricia (Rini `47) Reidy
Andrea (Slogar `70) Rodriguez
Joan (Drake `70) Rogers
Allyson Rook `20
Terry (Giles `78) Ross
Charles Russell `62
Lisa Scaffide `85
Laurie Morgan-Schrank '72
Janet (Perse `73) Schuster
Cosimo Sciotto `64
Lois (Tausch `42) Scranton
Clarence Sech `62
Palma (Caticchio `54) Sidak
John Silk `12
Amanda Singleton `12
David Skursha `12
Cynthia (Weber `77) Slak
Heather (Reeves `96) Slough
Michael and Gesilda Smith
Molly (Randel `95) Smith
Barbara Snowberger
Anthony and Jennifer Staltari
John Stanley `57
Gerald A. Stairitis `62
Frank Stergar `56
John and Carla Stilliana
Nikol Storer
Joseph Stracensky `61
Shawn and Pamela Sukey
Sean and Stephanie Sullivan
Mark Suman `09
Edward and Nicol Susel
Judy Szabo
Helen (Radovanic `49) Taras
Nancy Tartamella
Thomas Taylor `63
Richard and Christine Taylor
Clyde Thomas `71
Richard Thomas `60
Rita (Primosch `58) Timko
Chelsea (Mikula `03) Tomko
Joseph and Lisa Tomsick
Mery Tomsick
Emma Traggiai `20
Richard and Denise Troha
Bravina Trovato `12
Matthew and Kathryn Tuohey
Deborah Turek
Joseph Ulaszewski `68
Scott `92 and Therese Urigel
Thomas Vavra `64
Robert and Susan Vitale
Helen (Murphy `75) Vura
Richard Warnke `66
Paulette Welch
Carter Welo `74
Mike and Coletta (Byrne `83) Welsh
Jean (Schikowski `56) Wervey
Dorothy (Klamer `57) White
Arthur Wicinski `66
John (Wilczynski ) Wilkins `48
Paul Wilkes `56
Steven and Jennifer Wilson
Ken and Lynda Zbinovec
Gregory Zerovnik `63
Theresa (Thomas `62) Zigmond
Donna (Fisco `73) Zimmerman
Joseph and Susan Zimmerman
Frank Zitko '72
Mara Zolikoff `15
Nick and Kathryn (Evans `88) Zolikoff
Michael `54 and Margaret (Kickel `56)  Zuccaro
Claire and Kay Zurbuch